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Getting Past Intimidation at the Gym

Far too often many people put off joining a gym because they are simply intimidated. This tends to be especially true if they feel they are badly out of shape. One of the most common excuses for not joining a gym is the desire to actually get in shape before joining a gym. There is no denying the fact that it can be intimidating to walk into a gym when you feel out of shape and fact the reality of others who not only in shape, but in great shape. It is important to understand; however, that you do not have to put off joining a gym or put it off altogether simply because you are intimidated. There are many different types of gyms available now, many of which that cater to special groups and populations.

By eliminating some of the most common myths and fears regarding gyms as well as finding a gym in which you will feel comfortable working out, you can move ahead with your workout plans and goals. Looking for a gym that targets people like you instead of professional athletes can be a great first step to finding a gym in which you will feel comfortable.

Many people avoid the gym because they fear they won’t dress the right way or will appear silly in front of other, more experienced gym members. Opting for a gym that provides privacy can be one great way to combat this problem. While many gyms are designed with wide open spaces that allow everyone to see everyone else, it is possible to find gyms that provide more privacy.
Another common problem with many gyms is the presence of pushy or aggressive salespeople. You know the type: they intimidate you into signing up for additional services or packages that you really do not want. Be aware that not all gyms are like that.

When you are looking for a gym in which you will feel comfortable, first consider what type of target population the gym caters toward. For example, if you’re a woman you may feel more comfortable in a gym that caters to women only. Likewise, if you are over the age of 50 you may feel less intimidated in a gym that caters to your peers.

After you have narrowed down your choice of selections, take the time to visit the gym and ask around about services. If you feel pressured right then and there to sign a long term contract with the gym, this may not be the right place for you. Gym sales staff that tend to put the pressure on during your first visit are not likely to let up after you’ve joined either.

Look around during your tour to get an idea of how the gym is designed. Wide open space with equipment lined up one right after the other can be overwhelming for a beginner or even someone who has been out of the swing of things for awhile. Smaller gyms may be a better choice.

Finally, take the time to find out when the busiest times of day are for the gyms you consider. If you feel intimidated working out a gym in front of others who are already in good shape, you can decrease this concern by simply timing your own workout during times when the gym isn’t as busy. For example, work out during mid-morning or mid-afternoon during the week. Early morning and after 5:00 in the afternoon tend to be the busiest times for most gyms and health clubs.

With a little planning and research you can overcome your fear and intimidation, join a gym in which you feel comfortable and get on track with your workout.
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